This was the third year that I Love Leroy took part in the Design Indaba Expo. Our inspiration this year was drawn from 1920s circus. It was some what melancholic, some what playful and in a way a memory of things to come…

Colours were inky and soft , folded together like creases, bound by large fog watches and antique keys which hung clumsily on large silver chains around the necks of the models.

Inspiration is the most fequently asked question for me and often the most difficult to address. What is inspiring? How does one pinpoint something so broad?

There are so many thoughts and dreams and processes an artist lingers on when thinking up an exhibition, a designer a runway collection.Sometimes I think that it’s so hard to answer, because the answer is sometimes boring. Inspiration just IS.

And sometimes it’s a world that only you can imagine, where music that sailed you through all those idealistic moments in your life can bring that bouquet of innocence and magic blustering back to you.

As for this show, memory lingers where time is forgotten and shy sadnesses  becomes bold beauties that ice the cake layered with love and loss and new beginnings!

New I Love Leroy floral earrings

So many to choose from so little time!

Oh how we love our new covered button earrings

A little golden oldie while we wait for some others!

So here we are! Welcome to the I Love Leroy blog! I Love Leroy is a ladies wear brand for those tomboy goes to church moments, for girls that love to look pretty slouching on the couch! But it’s not only all about ┬ádresses and coats,socks and bows. It’s all about what Leroy loves too!

We will be posting some of our all time favourite things! Our best recipes! Our vintage inspirations! Our new discoveries! Everything and anything in fact that makes the day wink in our favour!

Hold on to your tights girls this is going to be lovely!